Why should we plan our meals weekly?

Today's fast pace of life has led many people to neglect an aspect as important as food. Working hours and even personal schedules forces us to forget what it means to eat well for our body, because we prioritize other issues by having little time. Does it really cares that much? The following 4 points will give you the answer:

- Make sure you ingest the calories and nutrients your body needs

Taking just calories does not mean going hungry or eating less. Correct planning helps us adjust daily nutrition and adapt dishes to them. We can choose the right recipes for each moment of the day and be away from quick and easy but hypercaloric solutions.

- Eat in time and avoid skipping any meal

To be able to ingest all the nutrients our body needs, we must make a minimum of five meals a day. Planning our food in advance helps us to do it without any problems and to eat at the right time. Regularity is essential!

- You avoid wasting food, which means ECONOMIC saving

Planning your diet weekly lets you know the exact amount of food you will need for each dish, making it difficult for you to accumulate products in the refrigerator that you will end up throwing. The benefits of choosing Sana Vida are maximum, as we prepare the dishes with the highest quality products of our pantry. No more shopping!

- Another saving: your TIME

In Sana Vida our team of nutritionists plans the menus for you, our expert cooks cook for you and we deliver the meals where you tell us without you having to move. This is a time saver!

Visit, discover our packages, choose the plan that fits best your needs (sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss or vegetarian) and start to benefit from a planned diet.


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