Fresh ingredients

High quality products are prepared with love and care every morning.

Great Choice

Over 50 ingredients to customize your Bowls & Burritos. Choice of more than 7 proteins including vegetarian options!

Great value

Can healthy food be affordable? With SanaVida it is posible! By keeping optimum margins we are able to provide reasonable prices. You can have complete lunch at sanavida for less than 10€. Healthy food with healthy prices.

What is SanaVida?

First of all SanaVida is a company with a mission to provide healthier food options with affordable price.
We began our journey by providing personalized catering in 2016 for people with different objectives such as : lose weight, sport and performance or maintain weight.

We took next step in 2017 and opened our first healthy fast food store in the heart of Barcelona with a huge choice of ingredients to customize bowls and burritos.
By providing good quality product&service we gained trust of our customers and 2nd SanaVida store opened just after 10months of operating.
Now SanaVida is a Healthy Fast Food chain that provides catering for the offices, personalized diets and serves over 1200 customers a week in both stores.

Atención al cliente muy buena. Preparación del pedido rápida. Opciones varias a escoger a parte de las que ofertan en pantalla, con opción de personalizar. Te regalan un agua o un café cuando escoges más de cinco añadidos. De precio no está mal, aunque lo esperaba más económico.

Yaiza Jimenez Barcelona

Very tasty food and reasonably priced and fast. I ordered a burrito, but they didn’t have cheese so they offered to change the ingredient and I went with hummus and it was very tasty. My girlfriend got a salad bowl and it was very tasty, too. Overall a good and healthy meal, I like how they put calorie information on the menu.

Ville Lahdenvuo Software Developer, Barcelona

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Are you interested in aquiring a franchise?

Why Taking SanaVida Franchise?

From day one you start your business with years of experience that are provided by SanaVida Core team.
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Concept has prooved itself to be on demand and profitable by serving over 200 people daily at high season and over 140 customers daily at low season.
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Competitive prices. Average bill is in the range of average spending for lunch of the office workers. It is cheaper than most healthy places around Barcelona.
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Healthy eating is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. Trends come and go, but healthy eating is spreading around the world as people become more cosius about there health and lifestyle. Entering the market that has big potential of growth is thinking long term.
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